Friday, April 9, 2010

london/nottingham pt. 2: and a really depressing show in manchester.
well, it wasnt that bad. check out the crowd below. (pic # 4) the first band was funny. thats all i can remember. oh, the stairs. i always remember the stairs. fuck stairs.
oh yea, proglegs and i walked around for at least two hours trying to find a bar to get a nite cap at. nothing was letting people in. we tried to go into a club, but the door guy said, "you know what kind of bar this is, mates?" he meant it was an uber-gay bar. we didnt care, really, just desperate for a drink. long story short, we ate at burger king and went to sleep. the end. here's what left of the nite(s):

new times vicodin. day one.

do you realize how long it takes to upload pictures on this fuckin blog thing? if it didnt take so long you'd have the good fortune to be watching many hilarious and zen-like videos. mostly of crap filmed from the back of the van, but nonetheless god. we may figure that out soon though.

day 1. london.


"you got a calender nearby? take a look at it, cause today's yer lucky day!" hello and welcomes to TIMES NEW VIKING blog. you have arrived at the pinnacle of blogness. "we got quite a few thangs here..."

here are photos of our UK/european tour 2010.

first of all, get to know the key players...

sir lord ricky haley xbox III TM...


adam (left)

badger (right)